deep soulful sweats- guided astrological dance. Exorcise through exercise.      contact:

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Deep Soulful Sweats was founded by Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aiken on the 2013 Winter Solstice. It is a guided astrological dance, creating collective experiences for audiences to come together in ecstatic, inclusive and unrehearsed performances with no spectators. Think rave, meets experimental dance class meets ritual. It is a place to let go, stomp, chant, fake believe. No steps are learned and no dance experience is necessary. Leave your inhibitions at the door - it is a safe space.

DSS is facilitated by a rotating combination of choreographer’s dancers and DJ’s, you are divided into your elements based on your star signs (Earth, Air, Fir, Water). Watch videos from past events here.

Deep Soulful Sweats can be tailored to fit a range of contexts, ages, spaces and budgets. From a wholesome adventurous kids show to adventurous 18+, town halls to stadiums or a full family affair in the park.