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Small Scale events run semi regularly in Melbourne. These events run for 1.5 hours in the evening and take you on an astrological journey guided by four elemental leaders and a local DJ. 

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Past Events

Deep Soulful Sweats Presents Afterglow (day after full moon)

November 23, 2018

This soulful sweat takes place the night after the Full Moon in Gemini. This moon manifests itself with the need for spontaneity and open mindedness. Give it a go! be contradictory, change your mind and adapt. Find the harmony between thinking, sharing and feeling. You can save reflection till when the sun is in Sagittarius. 

Sound by Jannah Quill 
Leaders Claire Leske for Air, Emma Riches for fire, Rebecca Jensen for water and Nash Hurley for Earth

Mabon and on and on at Testing Grounds

March 22, 2018

The wheel of the year wont stop turning for nobody and Mabon is upon us. A time for us to harvest and get ready for the winter. Its the weekend before the clocks turn back and the nights get colder and darker so come and give a stomping thanks to the fruits of the earth. Mercury goes into retrograde on the 23rd till the 15th April so make sure you are completing tasks now, signing off on contracts and purchasing your electronics so you can remain flexible and have space to reflect throughout the retrograde period.
We'll dance under the night sky, kick up the dust and shed tears on an autumn night.

Pisces Dream Montage (year of the dog)

February 22, 2018

After the ride of February 15ths Eclipse, off the back of the massive Blood moon, blue moon super moon eclipse in January we are spent! We worked the middle till it hurt a little (and its only February :S) But this change and processing has been necessary, maybe painful and maybe strange. The end of February sees us into Pisces season! is all about flow. Eavesdrop on your dreams to reach your goals!
Nothing is in retrograde; there is no reason to play it safe. Venus in Pisces is going to help us connect with what we love, what inspires us and its going to let this multiply! As we switch to the year of the dog on Feb 16th we are ready to embody honestly and loyalty, lets be our own dogs and find that honestly and loyalty within ourselves.
Lets go fresh water dream hunting and lose ourselves in that universal flow for 90 minutes.  

Sea Goat New Moon

January 17, 2018

In collaboration with Saturn, this sea goat new moon is a time for us to ceremoniously set intentions and stick with them, like new years eve - but again! Time to go deep down inside, get serious and recommit to your resolutions you have already let slip.
This new moon will end up growing itself into the first full moon and eclipse of the year. Eclipses bring change and action setting major events in motion, this is the time to ensure our foundations are fortified to we can party up top.
Come and boogie, throw some shapes and throw away what you don't need to hold onto.

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