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Deep Soulful Sweats is an open invitation for anyone and everyone to come together and exorcise through exercise.

A guided astrological dance, DSS creates collective experiences for audiences to come together in ecstatic, inclusive and unrehearsed performance with no spectators. Framed by a tongue-in-cheek approach to the zodiac, it is an immersive ritual for all, no dance or performance experience required.

Divided into elements, (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) participants are led 'follow the leader’ style, through spontaneous choreography, chanting, absurdity and fantasy - an embodied and energetic exchange in dance and choreographic practice. Participants are encouraged to find their own way through movement, embracing difference in this judgment-free space and finding a profound sense of togetherness.

Small Scale events run semi-regularly in Melbourne. These events run for 1.5 hours in the evening and take you on an astrological journey guided by four elemental leaders and a local DJ. 

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